Spot Estimation System



Implantation of large structures with costing, elements & needed for the structure erection will be a bigger challenge, so we have developed an application that can project the cost, manpower, man-hours & time deliverables need for the project instantly.


  • Can survey the area of structure implementation.
  • Add & remove elements from the structure.
  • Estimate projection can be evaluated instantly.
  • Supervision can be tracked in different stages of the project execution.
  • Approvals of materials, changes in the design can be sync to the respective department on a hierarchy basis.
  • With high accuracy, coordinates will be captured to show the real-time progress level.
  • Map integration will be implemented to shoe the progress level visually.

Data Input

  • GPS coordinates for the measurement & progress of the project.
  • Manually added the additional elements need for the structure.
  • Approval authentication for any changes in the execution plan
  • Images/ Videos to show the real-time progress of the project.


  • Reduce manpower cost for manual calculation, estimation
  • Fasten the project execution time because of the instant process by the software.
  • Approval ticket raising will be done instantly.

Who can use this software?

  • Construction industries with larger-scale like tower builders, canal builders, electric pole builders, flyover builders, road builders.

Connecting Departments

  • Site execution in all hierarchy levels
  • Backend approval hierarchy
  • Procurement department
  • Accounts department
  • Supervisors

The requirement’s to use this software

  • Mobile Devices
  • Desktop
  • GPS Device

Software Technologies & Platforms

Mobile Technologies
Mobile Database
SQL Lite
Web Application
Microsoft. Net
Server Database
Microsoft SQL Server


  • Project progress reports
  • Cost Estimation Reports
  • Material Indent Reports
  • Manpower Requirement Reports
  • Project Completion Time Line Reports

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