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Technology Solutions

Building a strong IT architecture in different platforms, to Document, Process & Execute the projects

Agri Solutions

Connecting farmers across Karnataka with our IT products and our field agents.

The New Way To Success
The New Way To Success
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We create Agri solution for your business.

Start off on the right foot

Creating structure work process

For any hassle-free work process, there should be a standard structure has to be implemented and monetization is needed.

  • 01Understanding needs of business plan
  • 02Making a note on Do’s & Don’ts.
  • 03Reports related to Cost & Time.
  • 04Assets required for the project.
  • 05Challenges during the process.
  • 06Overview results.
Our Vision

Delivering results as per the customer terms & expectations, with the integrity of technologies & skilled team, exploring a new way of result-oriented solutions.

We have a strong foundation built on legacy and emerging technologies, including an excellent track record of on-time deliveries. We are emerging as one of the most promising private talent sourcing and management firms in the world. The real challenge before companies in today's world is to make their products and services appealing to everyone.

Our Services

We are expertise in customized IT solutions in the agriculture industry.

IT Implementation Solution

Hardware, IT Infrastructure, Network & Security


Critical monetization & recording of real-time data will be easier if the right technology implemented in the business solutions.


We have executed multiple survey modules like Household survey, Pension survey, Out of school survey, Crop survey, & many more surveys depends on the needs.

Business solution

Understanding the business module & market challenges our expert team can develop a business plan with ROI-driven realistic results.

We Create Business Solutions in Agriculture Industry.

See What We Have Done.


Research & Analytics

Where we stand in the market analysis is very important for any business, before starting the project we get into market analysis like compotator analysis, challenges, technology involved and many more.


Design & Develop

On different platforms like Mobile applications, Web applications, ERP solutions. Developing and implementing the technology.


Testing & Launching

Before launching the products we will go through the testing process with multiple challenges.


Products Developed

Customized products have been developed and implemented in 10 cities till now.



Different categories of citizens are actively using our products.


Government Institutions

Many government departments like Electrical, FMGC, Revenue, Agriculture departments are actively using our products.

Our Clients

Client World Bank Group
Client GIZ
Govenment of Karnataka
Isha Foundation



Compile Socio - Economic Data from Apple Growers of Himachal Pradesh - Bayer Crop Science and GIZ

The project was to conduct a survey which had over 100+ questions to the Apple growing farmers in Himachal Pradesh to focus on the growth opportunities in a sustainable manner and improve their product portfolio of Bayer


A mobile App was developed to conduct a survey to collect information of the farmer covering subjects like farmer profile, sugarcane farming practices, environment protection and socially responsible practices

CASE STUDY Bio Stimulus Company

For the trial run in Karnataka we have chosen 6 talukas and deployed our field staff of 1 executive in each GP, we have implanted IT technology to monitor the work process, developed mobile application with has functions of training, product ordering, payment monitoring & logistics.

CASE STUDY Tree Plantation

We have implemented IT solution (mobile application & Web Application) to record the data and can be accessed with different level of credential access, For tree plantation we have assigned to our field forces across Karnataka, to monitor this large field force we have added supervisors and trainers.


Rural Insurance Services Program

RISP, was implemented as a part of risk management with the intention to provide financial support to the farmers, in the event of failure of crop due to natural calamities, pests and diseases, under the supervision of the Ministry of Finance, Government of India and the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH


Custom Hiring Service Center

The Mobile / Web app project was to enable farmers to hire agricultural machineries in their respective Taluks (164 Taluks in 30 districts). CHSC mobile app enabled the farmer register via Web or him mobile to book and pay online for the machinery. We trained on field support staff to educate the farmers and had a help desk to train the farmers to use the app. The Mobile app helped the farmer in timely sowing, harvesting and plan intra cultivation and better productivity. The project is still on going and is benefiting many of the farmers and the machinery equipment manufacturers. The data also provides insight to many of the farmers who may be still unaware of the scheme and for companies to reach out to them.


Crop Survey Management Systems

Mobile App developed to update crop data and geo - tag photos. Trained and deployed 27,000 support staff to upload 20 Million Land and crop data. Data was used for verification of the insurance claims at the discretion of the Government Agriculture Department. Data used for compensation to the farmer when there is price variation which was regulated by the Government. Farmers can view crop data and photo, details of the designated PR, submit grievances.

Land Records Management Systems (LMS)

The Land Records Management System, a web based Application system to streamline, monitor, and control the issues of Pre-Mutation survey sketch process carried out by Licensed Surveyors to enhance public satisfaction. It is a Permutation survey automation system for Taluk Survey staff. It helps in delivering the public with the information in time and in the correct form. LMS is to monitor, streamline and controlling of operations of permutation survey process carried out by 3000 licence surveyors and enhancing public satisfaction of Karnataka state.

(Revenue Department Government of Karnataka India)

Bhoomi (meaning land) is the project of on - line delivery and management of land records in Karnataka Government of India. It provides transparency in land records management with better citizen services and takes discretion away from civil servants at operating levels. The Revenue Department in Karnataka has built and operationalizes the BHOOMI system throughout the state. The BHOOMI has computerized 20 million records of land ownership of 6.7 million farmers in the state. Customized Software for remote management of Database and software deployment. This Web application can utilized for RTC printing from 1000 Village kiosk setup by PPP vendor with secure communication.

Online Admission/Examination Management System (Education Department)

To provide a transparent system for state wide online counseling process for Department ( Employment and Training ) Online system for Application, Verification, Seat Allotment and Admission. A transparent system for allocating seats based on the merit and reservation policy of the Government. To create an system to reduce time taken for counseling and admission. To provide a system where candidate can choose the institute and trades across Karnataka. To provide a system the dependency on the ICT infrastructure is minimal. MIS Reporting.

GPS Based – Survey Estimation and Supervision
( Electricity Department )

Survey Process – using GPS coordinates Synchronization the data from web application to mobile device Captured coordinates will create a distance for estimation. Estimation for the work is generated by Capturing the start point and end point of survey (multiple start and End) Different Coordinates can be captured for HT line, LT line and Transformer Multiple Start and End coordinates can be captured , Multiple Bends are captured GPS Coordinates, images with date and time stamping, Inventory Management (Procurement process/ stocks) Work /Project Estimation and MIS Reporting.

Supply Chain Management System
( SCMS )

A Web based product which can handle the procurement, Order, Supply, Payment and inventory within the system. Specially designed tool handles the management expectations such as indenting and acknowledgement to the manufacturer. MIS reports with multiple permutation and combination

State Investors Management System

Online application for investors, E-office (file noting, notifications and approval), Meeting management - Opinion from line departments, Workflow management system, Document management system, Creating project summary, Digital Signature approval, NOC/Approvals - obtaining clearances/NOCs/approvals for setting up the industries in the State. SMS and Email Alerts.

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