Vehicle Hire Service System



Patron is used for the users who wants to hire the vehicles from nearest hub points, which can track hire duration, distance travelled, & cost for the services. Booking can be made in different platforms like Mobile Application, Web Application, and SMS.


  • Users can book the vehicle form mobile app, web application, SMS.
  • Can track nearest vehicle available with date/time, vehicle details & rent cost.
  • Payment gateway integration.
  • Receipts can be generated in mobile app, email-id, SMS.
  • Shows previous history of booking.
  • Once the user books the vehicle notification will be triggered to the driver.
  • GPS integrated with google maps for the driver navigation.
  • Provision is given to maintain repair logs, travel logs of the vehicle.
  • Vehicle journal log records.
  • Help desk support.

Data Input

  • User details.
  • Vehicle hiring details Vehicle type, Duration, Date & Time.
  • Payment Details.
  • Driver details.
  • Vehicle repair/ Maintenance details.


  • User can easily track & book the available vehicles from nearby location.
  • Hire the vehicles specific required time duration.
  • Payments can be transfer instantly from payment gateway.
  • Save money for shot hire services.

Who can use this software?

  • Industries who wants to lend their vehicles for rental basis.

Connecting Departments

  • End user
  • Hiring service
  • Vehicle driver
  • GPS
  • Payment Gateway

The requirement’s to use this software

  • Mobile Devices or Desktop
  • GPS

Software Architecture

Patron - Who wants to hire the vehicles from nearest hub points

Software Technologies & Platforms

Mobile Technologies
Mobile Database
SQL Lite
Web Application
Microsoft. Net
Server Database
Microsoft SQL Server


  • Vehicles travel log sheet.
  • Invoice copy to the user.
  • Individual vehicle maintenance, distance travelled, Earned details, no of booking times.

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