Supply Chain Management System



This application works on connecting manufactures, suppliers/distributors, retailers & Customers, which can track the goods intends movements of each level, also monitors the transactions with debiting/crediting functionality.


  • Membership registration of manufactures, retailers.
  • Manufactures can directly supply their products to retailers with the Mobile/Web Application.
  • Payment’s automatically credited/debited to manufactures/Retailers to their bank accounts.
  • Selling cost can be calculated using predetermined algorithms.
  • Customer support AI implementation concerning FAQ.

Data Input

  • Manufacturer Details
  • Supplier/ distributor details.
  • Retailer Details.
  • Product information updating form manufacturer (quantity, price, etc.
  • Sales details from the retailer.


  • Manual data entries are not needed.
  • Transaction history can be generated instantly,
  • Can connect huge volume to transaction network.

Who can use this software?

  • Organizations that are connected with multiple manufactures & with multiple products, whose transaction volume is huge.

Connecting Departments

  • Manufacture department.
  • Supply Department.
  • Retail Department.
  • Accounts Department (Banks).
  • Warehouse Department.

Requirement’s To Use This Software

  • Mobile Application
  • Web Application
  • GPS
  • Payment Gateway Integration.
  • Biometric

Software Architecture


Software Technologies & Platforms

Mobile Technologies
Mobile Database
SQL Lite
Web Application
Microsoft. Net
Server Database
Microsoft SQL Server


  • Attendance Reports
  • Outlet wise Sales Reports
  • Commodity wise Sales Value/ Volume Reports
  • Godown wise Value/ Volume Sales Reports
  • Daily wise Value/ Volume Sales Reports
  • Value/ Volume V/s Procurement center Report
  • Value/ Volume V/s Manufacturer Member Report

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