Survey Management Systems



Rover is a powerful application for crop survey management, this application will record crop information details with multiple logins in different geo-locations, it also can generate various report formats, these reports can be consolidated with a web application platform.


  • Different types of data can be updated into the application.
  • Data capturing accuracy can be improved by the geo locking option.
  • This will allow to update real-time image, videos crop details in the field.
  • Customised reports can be generated using a filter option.

Data Input

  • User Data
  • Crop details
  • Land Information
  • Images, Videos, Geo-coordinates
  • Stage Of Crop


  • Conducting Survey in multiple locations.
  • Data accuracy will be high ratio, since images, geo coordinates has to match with the survey no to validate the data.
  • Easy to analyse the data.

Who can use this software?

  • Research & Development departments.
  • An organization that wants to survey with accurate data.

Connecting Departments

  • Field survey team.
  • Data validation department.
  • Zonal supervision Department.
  • MIS report generating departments.

The requirement’s to use this software

  • Mobile Device with GPS, Image& video capture option.
  • Desktop

Software Technologies & Platforms

Mobile Technologies
Mobile Database
SQL Lite
Web Application
Microsoft. Net
Server Database
Microsoft SQL Server


  • This applicant generates multiple customised reports by selecting filters.
  • Area wise survey details.
  • Type wise survey reports.
  • Volume-wise survey reports.

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