Agri Solution

In real-time from farmers collecting details like farmers data, crop details, geolocation of the crops yield details etc. is been bigger challenge in agriculture industry, so we have developed a strategy which can overcome all these challenges & collect real-time data precisely with the help of our IT products & 50K field agents who are closely working with farmers frequently.

Types of Solutions from our products

Multiple Agri solution produces have been developed from our expert team with are readily available in the market, also these products can be customized depends on the individual requirements.

  • Collecting Crop Details (Rover)
  • Crop Insurance Management (Forfeit)
  • Land Record Management (Cadaster)
  • Product Or Weight Measurement (Metage)
  • Investor’s Management System (Tycoon)
  • Survey Management System

Types of solutions from our Branding Team

With our huge force of 50K field agents, we can run any BTL activates in any locations, also can conduct events, promotions, product launching, sample collection, & many more activities.

  • Conducting brand/product awareness programs.
  • Organizing Events/Seminar’s in different Geo locations.
  • In hand samples/product distributions.
  • Conducting survey’s
  • Monitoring/collecting farmers details

How we can work together

To make the project more efficient we will be needing few details from the organizations like whom to target, were to target, round budget operation time results will be more accurate as accurate the information’s shared from the company.
Once we get the requirement projection plan will be documenting & analyzing it. We provide the process solutions with scope of work, material need with time cycle.

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