Our Leaders

Most of us in management team gone through multiple Cycle's of new product development and service creartion, and seen both failure and success during product engineering and service roll out. This give us deep understanding of product engineering and services creation and how to manage the uncertainity and risk associated with it.

Mallikarjun Patil

Mallikarjun Patil is founder and CEO of Avani Infosoft private Limited. Mallikarjun is a seasoned executive with proven success in leading change. He champions an engaging, high performing, value based workplace environment that delivers powerful results. He strives to reach innovative and entrepreneurial solutions to complex issues.
Mallikarjun is having more than 12 years experience in industry. Prior to Avani Infosoft he was a consultant to various government agencies for implementing E-Governance where his responsibilities include both operational and technical directions to E-Governance initiatives.

Santosh Bakkappa

Santosh is currently serving as a Vice President, Engineering to Avani Infosoft Private Limited. He is responsible for building engineering capacity to keep pace with the company’s growth and technology roadmap. He is instrumental in creating a Java Technology vertical inside Avani Infosoft. Santosh is having more than 12 years of experience and worked with clients like Lockheed Martin, Federal Reserve Banks, and Minneapolis State Education department. In his various roles in previous companies he was responsible for architecture, requirements, design and development process.

Harsha B N

Harsha is currently serving as an advisor to Avani Infosoft Private Limited for its strategic initiatives and Independent Testing Services. As an advisor, he is responsible to spot the growth and new revenue opportunities for Avani Infosoft and work on long term business success. He is instrumental in setting up Independent Testing Services vertical inside Avani Infosoft.
Harsha has more than 12 years of Experience, mobile enterprise applications. Prior to this assignment, Harsha was working in NOKIA as Product Acceptance Manager, Asia, where he played vital role in GTM/Operational readiness and roll out of Nokia Money services across Asia. Prior to this assignment, he acted as a program manager/Technical Manager/Chief Test Engineer in Nokia, and was instrumental in building Test Automation tools, OTA update service for feature phones, and setting up lab for testing phone SDKs.
Harsha has keen interests in agriculture and he is co founder and acting as a full time Managing Director for ‘Hatti Agri Logistics’ which helps in farmers to deliver quality and fresh produce to their customers, through efficient post harvest management operations.