Project Management System

Project monitoring system is a web based application which helps the officials to keep track of the projects and monitor the works closely to complete the projects in stipulated time.Address the problems faced by the officials during the works and solve the issues in the bottleneck.SMS and Email features helps to get the information of the works in remote areas.Projects executed will be made transparent.

  • An home page which will be having the functionalities of login to the registered users.
  • Assigning roles to respective users by the administrator who will be having the main access.
  • Administrator will be provided the permissions to activate or deactivate the master accounts, modifying of the master accounts, stages of hierarchy.
  • Web Application will be able to deliver the reports as per the requirement of the department
  • Mobile application will be enable to capture the photos with co-ordinates of the works and upload to servers.
  • Officials can create an financial plan and update progress using this applications.
  • Information related to payments, expenditures, budgeting of the works will be made available.
  • Application will have feature to capture any issues or bottlenecks encountered in the project works.
  • The tickets for the bottlenecks will be generated by the officers and assigned to the responsible officers to address the issues.
  • Information reports such as name of the work, financial details, administrative details, work status details and other details can be generated.
  • Reports generated can be weekly, monthly or whenever necessary can be made accessible.
  • SMS or Email functionality is integrated in this application which helps the officials to create, approve, reject, the works and also to check the progress of the works.