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Monitoring Systems

Avani Infosoft helps to drive your state government agency’s digital transformation so you build an easily-sustainable foundation that delivers the business solution you need now and in the future, providing a platform for faster, seamless government processes. Processes that are responsive to your customers, faster for your staff and more transparent for your managers. Infrastructure your staff can manage, change and improve.

Using advanced technology to structure each subsystem is stable and reliable system so that it can run safely and smoothly, effectively eliminate possible bottlenecks of each subsystem, use suitable equipment to ensure that the subsystem has good scalability. Stability and security is what we are most concerned about the issue, only system to ensure that all equipment is functioning only good data sharing, real-time failover, to form a complete management system such as real-time backups.
The design system and product should be simple, practical, easy to operate, easy to maintain. Easy operation and ease of maintenance of the system is to ensure that non-computer professionals use this system conditions. Front end equipment, focused on the center of each subsystem controls, implemented on all remote control devices, settings, to ensure that the system is efficient, orderly and reliable discharge its administrative functions.