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Legal Metrology Department

The Legal Metrology Department (Formerly known as Department of Weights and measures) now in order to align with the recommendations of International Organization of Legal Metrology, for which India is also a member country, is renamed and known as “Legal Metrology Organization”.

Aims of Legal Metrology Departments
  • Maintenance of accuracy in all weights Measures used in Trade, Commerce Industry.
  • Protection of Consumer Interest.
  • To ensure correct quantities for the prices paid.
  • To ensure correct weighment of farm produced in sale transaction.

The LMD's regulations results in Higher Revenues : Monitor and Control Target v/s Achievement periodically. It is focused in Controlling and Monitoring and Shortened turnaround time of the work process,Virtual Elimination of threat of losing integrity of records data, information and tampering. ,Improves Accountability as the system has the information of the entire workflow, Standardization of Verification Certificate, seizure notices & compounding notices. ,Printing of stationery, distribution and storage can be minimized,Eliminates short collection fee & reduces audit objections by way of digitization of Verification Certificates. LMD has an easy process of renewal using SMS/Email, Eliminating the loss,theft of used/unused V.C.books & Seizure Books & avoids the departmental enquires, Helps in handling complaints and taking appropriate actions, also, helps in compilation & generation of reports.